I-Translate offers normal and sworn translations, written and oral. Sworn translations are stamped and signed by a sworn translator, registered at the Ministry of Justice whereas the normal ones are provided with I-Translate stamp only. Our offer was created for both individual and business clients.

We are able to translate specialized and ordinary texts in various forms and in virtually all possible fields, such as:

  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Personal documents
  • Films & Documentaries
  • Finance & Business
  • IT (websites)
  • Social sciences
  • Natural sciences
  • PR & News
  • Advertisement & Marketing
  • Sport
  • Standardization & Quality
  • Technology & Mechanics
  • Arts & History
  • Agreements & Legal documents
  • Health & Medicine

We accept the documents for translations in their original form, scans and copies. Please note, that depending on the initial form of the document a suitable commentary will be included in the translation to indicate it.

If you are interested in a sworn translation, please call us earlier.

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